Macau / 澳门
Venetian Casino Artworks
Macau Venetian Canal Shopping

In Macau, they have built another Las Vegas, but only more grand in scale and more luxury in detail. It is certainly not the Macau I remember from years ago. My second trip to Macau in 2015 certainly has reminded me what Las Vegas was few years back. Although it was a short trip to the Venetian Casino, I can certainly see the attraction of the place. The Grand Canal mirrors the one in Las Vegas, while the Casino gaming floor is more croweded to build up a buzzling atmosphere. In many ways, Macau will overtake Las Vegas in near future. But, do get rid of all those middle-aged mainland ladies standing in the casino trying to make a living by pesting gambers by offering exchanging Hong Kong Dollars first!






Macau Venetian Gaming Hall