Reunion / 留尼汪
Reunion Volcano
Reunion Mountain Village

属于法国的留尼汪岛有着世界上最长的国内航班之一,从巴黎到留尼汪岛,横跨两大洲,经过数十个国家,确是一条只有法国公司才能经营的十二小时国内航班。旅行者一般串行塞舌尔,毛里求斯和留尼汪岛。其中,留尼汪和毛里求斯的距离之近,风景却孑然不同。如果说毛里求斯是浓郁的印度洋风情,留尼汪岛则是 伴有深厚法式的海洋风味。留尼汪岛是著名的香草产地,最佳风景却需要从空中俯瞰才算一探究竟。并不打算回游。

Reunion is known to have the one of the longest domestic airline route in the world. Connecting to Paris via two continents and several different countries, the flight takes up to 12 hours. Compare to nearby Seychelles and Mauriitius, French owned Reunion has a totally different scenery. Whereas Mauritius is full of Indian Ocean colours, Reunion is a French influenced Alpine island. Being a Vanila producer, Reunion is best seen from the air when you leave the island.