Namibia / 纳米比亚

每次去纳米比亚,总是可以学到很多东西。对于很多人来说,纳米比亚是一个很陌生的国家,除了沙漠,还是沙漠。可是,纳米比亚有更多的旅游资源,等着喜爱自然的朋友来探索。其中,不可不提的是在大西洋海岸的鲸港湾(Walvis Bay),在这里,奎斯埠(Kuiseb)河入海口的沙咀地形形成了一个季节性的盐水湖泊,从而吸引了成千上万的各种鸟类在此栖息。其中,火烈鸟沿湖而行的场面极其壮观。鹈鹕的群族也不甘示弱。纳米比亚的海洋生命非常众多,全因为从南极而来的洋流。最兴奋的一次相遇是2015年春天,在鲸港湾以南海域遭遇一大群海狮和海豚,让人记忆犹新。

Namibia is a place where you can learn a lot about Marine life and Geography. You may feel it is a strange country full of desert sand dunes. In fact, there is more to see in Namibia. The most famouse place in this country is Walvis Bay in the Atlantic ocean coast, where the ephemeral river Kuiseb created a seasonal salt water lake. It attracts thousands different spices of birds nesting along the delta. Among them, flocks of Flamingos and Pelicans are the things to be remembered. The current from Antactic brings a rich marine life around Namibia. One of my most exciting encounter occurred in south of Walvis Bay during the springs of 2015, where I was a large gathering of sealions and dolphins, how exciting!